Best Yoga Burn Review-2020

Best Yoga Burn Review-2020
Best Yoga Burn Review-2020

Aloha and welcome to our new self-experiment!

As a yoga practitioner and health coach from Hawaii, this project is true up my alley! For our blog, we test everything on ourselves, normally utilizing our family, companions, and customers as test subjects

For our Yoga Burn reviews, we’ve asked our friend Monica to try to to the program with us. She is 34 years old and has been around 62 pounds overweight for several years, so it had been about time for her to start out exercising! At the top of this review, we shall determine what Yoga Burn did for her over the course of three months.

She’s also trying out the Noom program, which we did a review on also. This helps such a lot with the mental aspect of getting into shape and eating right.



Yoga Burn may be a 12-week progressive program designed for ladies . Its primary goal is to assist you get that tiny belly and yoga booty that always seem so elusive – but it is also great for relaxing and improving your flexibility.

Zoe recommends completing three 45-minute yoga classes hebdomadally to urge the fastest results. Unlike most programs, Yoga Burn is described as a “strategic, progressive approach…that’s proven to deliver results.” meaning each workout is ready-made to YOU and YOUR current goals – you are not expected to travel at an equivalent pace as everyone else (like during a class yoga or cardio setting).

The program is split into three phases. Each phase builds on the last to supply faster flexibility and calorie burn. the whole program also follows the principles of Dynamic Sequencing, which we’ll get to later within the review.

  • Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase. As you’ve likely speculated, this stage is tied in with building solid yoga establishments. You’ll discover the way to increase your flexibility and boost your metabolism without going too fast. this is often an excellent thanks to learn all the poses required for Yoga Burn while minimising the prospect of injury.
  • Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase. this is often where things start to heat up. The transitional phase continues to create your strength and adaptability , but ramps up the calorie burn. You’ll also learn new poses and begin to ascertain changes in your muscular tonus .
  • Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase. this is often where the magic happens. Utilizing the quality, adaptability and helped digestion from the past stages, Zoe will push you to consume more calories and roll out genuine improvements to your body.You’ll learn advanced sequences that a lot of people never master – even after taking generic classes for years!

As indicated by Zoe, these dynamic stages are the way to Yoga Burn’s adequacy. Here’s the reason..

If you have ever been to a yoga class, you almost certainly desire progress is extremely slow. this is often because most classes don’t build from week to week – you’re really just doing a random set of poses and sequences whenever .

This is why most of the people never get the body they need from yoga – even with months of practice. The key to any successful fitness program is progression and adaptation – you would like to force your body (and mind) to vary . An unstructured week after week yoga meeting isn’t useful for accomplishing that.

The three phases in Yoga Burn, consistent with Zoe, provide a tried and tested formula to deliver results*.

Another significant contrast is that the Yoga Burn stages start at your present level. Each phase builds on the last, so you’ll dramatically increase flexibility and start seeing real changes to your body because the months continue .

    My Post-Partum Weight Problem

Now, I honestly believe loving your body a bit like the Lord made you. But after gaining twenty five pounds steadily over the course of three pregnancies, i was desperate for something that might bring back my healthier, slimmer body.

When my oldest child was born, I quit understanding on a daily basis. Still, two months after I delivered him, I found the time to travel for weekly aerobics classes. This exercise including a strict Atkins diet really shaved those extra fifteen pounds off. I had always been slim my entire life because of a lively lifestyle, so once I went back to exercising and eating right, my body responded.

Then once I had my daughter things were a touch harder . At the time, my son was in his terrible two and therefore the baby almost never slept for extended than a couple of hours. i used to be an entire mess!

My husband was travelling to Texas at this point and taking care of the house and two sons and daughters was taking a toll on me. Luckily, my husband’s aunt Martha came and stayed with us for a couple of months till things settled down with my husband’s job and he came back to Fayetteville. Aunt Martha helped me take care of the baby and kept my son entertained. She also helped with meals and cleaning the house in order that I had a touch longer to myself and for catching up with the remainder of the planet .

In this period, I experimented with the Keto diet and went for many short jogs once I could. Even when the youngsters were down for a touch nap, I’d throw on my pair of trainers and jog round the neighborhood for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.

I had gained around twenty pounds this point and thru these jogs and my ketogenic diet regime, I lose around fifteen extra pounds.

When my most youthful showed up this March, things had spiraled severely. Obviously, i used to be basking within the glory of motherhood and being a mommy to 3 beautiful angels.

But, I had picked up such a lot extra poundage that I wasn’t ready to enjoy this experience during a way that i might have liked. While my husband was back in town, Aunt Martha’s support was missing. Eventually, however, things fell back to place and that i found myself during a routine.

Sadly, i used to be almost twenty five pounds overweight. the load I had gained then lost from the primary two pregnancies was back!

Since the Atkins and Keto diet had worked on behalf of me within the past, I experimented with them again. However, I barely had any time to exercise since leaving the house was a challenge. At this point , i used to be on the lookout for a workout solution that would deduct my stubborn mommy-weight. Luckily on behalf of me , my friend from college had the right solution!

Michelle was my friend back from once we were at Southern Arkansas University. Although she moved away to New Jersey together with her husband and therefore the kids last year, we’ve been in-tuned . once I told her about my weight troubles, she suggested the Yoga Burn challenge.

If you’re battling any sort of weight loss and wish a touch boost for your body, read on.

Best Yoga Burn Review-2020
Best Yoga Burn Review-2020

    What is the Yoga Burn System?

Yoga Burn was created by Zoe Bray Cotton and may be a 12 week fitness program for ladies . it’s also referred to as “Her Yoga Secrets” and uses Dynamic Sequencing, a way that burns calories and fat with great efficiency without losing beginners along the way.

Zoe may be a sweet woman and both me (Sophia), Ellie and Monica felt that she wants the simplest for her students! albeit you’ve got never done yoga, you’ll rest assured that you simply begin of this with a solid understanding and therefore the ability to try to to all exercises correctly. The videos are divided into 3 phases, including instructional videos that specify and demonstrate all of the yoga poses and sequences to show you into a pro!

We are picky about what we recommend, therefore the incontrovertible fact that we’ve decided to write down a review already shows that we are proud of this program



Beside the three-stage structure, you’re likely considering what’s diverse about Yoga Burn contrasted with customary classes.

According to the creator, Zoe Bray-Cotton, there are several reasons why Yoga Burn may be a good selection for ladies who want to reduce , tone their body and boost their metabolism:

  • The program is meant to supply maximum visual results for ladies within the shortest amount of time*. Unlike gimmicky celebrity fitness videos, Yoga Burn consistently challenges you to enhance – which is that the only thanks to achieve real body transformations. It also targets common female problem areas.
  • Yoga Burn sequences are often adjusted for your current level and goals. Each sequence builds on the last and may be tailored for YOUR capabilities, so you will not be forced to aim poses that are either too easy or difficult. this is often one among the most advantages of Yoga Burn compared to a standard class.
  • The program becomes harder and advanced as you get stronger. This prevents plateaus and forces your body to burn more calories. You’ll also see faster gains in muscular tonus , strength and adaptability – and feel more relaxed too.
  • The Yoga Burn program are often performed reception to scale back stress. Whether you’re rushing to avoid being late or worrying about people judging you, yoga classes are rarely relaxing. In fact, they will actually increase stress hormones within the body. Zoe explains this will even cause your body to store more fat! In contrast, the Yoga Burn program are often performed reception whenever you’ve got time, so it is easy to suit into lifestyle .
  • It’s a yoga program specifically for ladies . have you ever ever thought it’s strange that the majority yoga classes include people of a spread of ages and genders? this suggests the trainer must cater to everyone, rather than providing the simplest class for your needs. Yoga Burn is meant for ladies only, which Zoe explains is one among the explanations why it is so effective.


Zoe Bray-Cotton may be a certified personal trainer, human body transformation expert and authorized yoga instructor.

She has completed over 15,000 hours of yoga training and taught 1000s of girls the way to reduce . Yoga Burn combines her knowledge of yoga and feminine body transformations into an easy-to-follow program



Zoe explains that the course is based around her “Dynamic Sequencing Yoga.” We wrote an article about this here, but here’s a quick breakdown as we want this Yoga Burn review to be as complete as possible.

In the program, Zoe focuses on workouts that assist you improve your flexibility and strength. To do this, you need to perform the right poses, in the correct sequence, with good form, for the right length of time.

That’s basically what Dynamic Sequencing Yoga is: sequences of yoga poses, in a specific order, that are designed to push you slightly harder each time, so your body adapts. This forestalls levels and encourages you assemble that ideal female shape.

In practice, this is why the course is divided into three distinct phases. There are also a set of teaching videos for each pose.  Of course, the program is also designed to help you burn calories.

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Best Yoga Burn Review-2020
Best Yoga Burn Review-2020




The Yoga Burn program is specifically for women. Whether you want to lose weight, tighten up problem areas or just get more flexible, everything is designed for the female body.

The nature of Dynamic Sequencing Yoga means it’s suitable for both complete beginners and people with experience. This is because the program adapts to your current level while continuously challenging you to improve.

You also don’t need to practice for hours each day to start seeing results. Zoe recommends completing three 45-minutes classes each week. There’s also the bonus “Tranquility Flow” class – this is optional but is a great way to unwind on one of your off days.


   Example Week of Yoga Burn

Here’s an example of what your first week might look like while completing the program:

  • Monday – 45 minute Class #1 of Foundational Flow
  • Tuesday – Brisk walk
  • Wednesday – 45 Minute Class #2 of Foundational Flow
  • Thursday – Rest Day
  • Friday – 45-Minute Class #3 of Foundational Flow
  • Saturday – Brisk Walk
  • Sunday – day of rest or Tranquillity Flow Class to offer your mind an opportunity

You would then repeat this for three more weeks before moving onto the next phase.

Best Yoga Burn Review-2020
Best Yoga Burn Review-2020

    Our Yoga Burn Results!

Monica, our friend here in Honolulu, is 34 years old and was 62 pounds overweight once we started our Yoga Burn review 3 months ago.

For our audit, Monica has not transformed anything about her way of life or dietary patterns and just followed the Yoga Burn framework exactly. Although Ellie and that i are already fit and slim, we accompanied Monica and did all of the exercises together every other day for 3 months.

The goal was to urge Monica on a path to significantly reduce her 62 pounds of additional weight. Have we succeeded?

Important: once you start understanding , you’re getting to lose some weight (fat) but also gain some weight (muscles) at an equivalent time! Since muscles are denser than fat, you’ll get heavier initially before you begin getting lighter. So don’t be discouraged! develop musculature is sweet and that we wouldn’t fret the heap it adds to our bodies. it’s the fat we try to urge rid of!

After the primary month, Monica had lost around 10 pounds, which is perfectly fine as long as she didn’t change her eating habits in the least and built some muscle mass along the way.

Afterthe subsequent month, she was somewhere near 22 pounds generally and her muscles were getting perceptibly progressively firm.

At now , Monica was really stepping into yoga and berated herself that she had never listened to me before

At long last, after the third month, she had decreased her general load by 37 pounds, despite everything building muscle. Note that heavier people lose more pounds within the same period of your time .

Obviously, we would like our friend to urge right down to a lean figure, so we’ve began to change her eating habits and told her to place different food on the table. No more pizza for you, Monica! By making small changes in her diet and by maintaining the Yoga Burn sequences, we estimate that she should reach her ideal weight in another 3 months.

Zoe Bray-Cotton does an excellent job and if you apply her yoga program consistently, I even have little question you get positive results. After all, this is often proper exercise, not a some “method”!


    Yoga Burn Pros And Cons

While i really like Yoga Burn and recommend it to several of my friends and ladies who invite my advice, it won’t be for each single person out there. It did help me reduce and increase flexibility, coming with its unique set of pros, and possible cons. Here is what I found:


  • will work for many women – no matter experience, and the way much weight you would like to lose Yoga Burn can help bring you closer to your goals.
  • Created by a knowledgeable instructor – the trainer , appears highly knowledgeable of the techniques she teaches and makes it easy to find out .
  • It doesn’t require extra investment – this suggests you are doing not need to buy gym memberships, flashy clothing, transportation expenses or a private trainer. You will, however, got to make better grocery shopping choices and watch the calories.
  • Money-back guarantees – there’s an unconditional 60-day guarantee if you are feeling the program isn’t for you. there’s no desperate grab for cash, supplying you with ample time to undertake to program.
  • Loads of positive Yoga Burn survey from fulfilled clients of the program. This social proof shows that the program works as long as you apply what you learn and dedicate the time to place within the work.


  • You need to use what you learned – at the minimum, the program requires you to dedicate 45 minutes 3 times per week to practice what you see within the videos. If you are doing not do that , obviously the program isn’t a magic pill.
  • The initial pain is common – if you’ve got never done yoga before, it’s expected to feel pain after the primary few sessions. this is often because your body isn’t familiar with stretching within the ways Yoga Burn videos will teach you. However, the body is quick to find out and this becomes a non-issue after about fortnight .
  • Won’t yield results you expect in the event that you as of now practice propelled yoga or solid yoga presents. It is, however, a superb beginner yoga program for somebody who has been inactive an outsized portion of their life or if you’re now getting back to a workout program.

Not necessarily a con, but more of a challenge to stay in mind- you would like to dial in your diet and nutrition plan. Too often it occurs that you simply might master a workout plan, but aren’t seeing the load loss goals you had envisioned.

Taking a tough check out your nutrition is one among the primary belongings you should neutralize order to line yourself up for long-term success.

Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume on a day to day may be a great start line , because it causes the body to probe stored body fat so as to supply energy.



We were expecting the Yoga Burn program to be simply one more gimmicky yoga video (in the event that you’ve at any point gotten one of those big name yoga exercises that most recent 40 minutes, you recognize what we mean!) So we were charmingly astounded to find that Zoe’s yoga program has some truly one of a kind thoughts.

In particular, we like how the program is meant specifically for ladies who want to reduce . This focus, combined with the continual progression, makes it far better for shaping and toning the feminine body*.

We additionally believe it’s extraordinary that the program adjusts to YOUR present yoga and wellness level – so the two learners and intermediates can get results. It also has some interesting poses and sequences that are enjoyable to finish – plus it’s much easier to suit into lifestyle .

Ultimately, if you stick with the program and mix it with a healthy diet, you’re likely to ascertain real changes to your body. what proportion varies counting on the individual, what proportion effort you set in and your diet. It also features a “60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee,” so you’ve nothing to lose by trying it. But once you get a couple of weeks in and begin to ascertain results, we do not think there’s any way you’ll be wanting to stop!

So ladies, if you would like an alternate to the gym that you simply can complete from the comfort of your home, the Yoga Burn system might be the right option. Enjoy the classes!

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Best Yoga Burn Review-2020
Best Yoga Burn Review-2020


  Best Yoga Burn Review-By Aamzon:





As a conclusion to the Yoga Burn challenge review, all you need to know is that this program works. And it works pretty well, actually!

If you decide to stick to Zoe Bray-Cotton’s program, you will burn the calories that you want while improving your body and mental health too.

Thankfully, the program has continuous progression, which makes it even better for you to shape and tone your female body.

More than that, you can follow the program even if you’re a beginner or an advanced in yoga techniques and practices. Luckily, the program has interesting poses and sequences that are very enjoyable to complete.

Consequently, if you follow the Yoga Burn challenge and combine it with a healthy diet, you’ll surely see real changes to your body and mind.

And the best part is that if you purchase it and you don’t like it, you still have the 60-day money-back guarantee — which makes the program practically free for you to try!

But I can guarantee you that after following the program the first few weeks, you will start seeing results. And you won’t want to stop.

So, if you’re a woman and you want an excellent alternative to the gym so you can achieve your body goals — then the Yoga Burn challenge is your go-to program!

Consuming healthier omega-3 fats is additionally an excellent thanks to promote your body recomposition goals and promote overall health within the process.

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